In my last Tech Tip, I wrote about the 1,200 eBooks that are available through INFOhio for students in grades 3-6. But what about high school students? Exciting news for INFOhio students and educators at the high school level! Licensed through the RemoteEDx initiative, the EBSCO Ebook High School Collection is accessible through the INFOhio website.

This robust collection provides students and educators with full-text eBook coverage that aligns with your school’s curricula. Gain fast and easy access to over 12,000 eBooks that support a quality learning experience across all academic subject areas, including history, language, literature, science, and technology. Content includes a selection of classic literary works, important historical documents, and general reference materials. read more

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Students in grades 3-6 can use Storia, a collection of over 1,200 eBooks; hand-selected to support Ohio’s learning standards.  Storia offers students unlimited and simultaneous access to nonfiction and fiction eBooks. Reading teachers love Storia for its support of Ohio’s ELA learning standards. But content area teachers can use the titles too! Each of the over 1200 eBooks supports 3-6 grade standards for science, social studies, or math as well as reading and writing.

Finding the eBooks

Start by selecting eBooks in the navigation bar at the top of the screen. You’ll then have two ways to find eBooks read more

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