Although Google Sites is very simple to learn and use, that simplicity comes at a price – limited customization. Until very recently, you used the Themes panel to choose the look of your site. You could choose a color option and font for the entire site, but that’s it.

No more! 🙌

Recall that when working with text you can choose from Normal text, Title, Heading, Subheading, and small to format your text boxes. That has not changed.

What has changed is that you can now choose text options just like you can in any other Google app. read more

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There are several ways to create a new Google file. You can do it using the plus sign in Google Drive… or start a new document from a current one using the File menu… or go to

Now there is a super easy way to start a new Google file… and it’s (dot) new!

Want to make a new Google Doc? Open a new tab and enter or in the address bar.

How about a Google Sheet? Try,, or

Need a quick Google Form? That’s and read more

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The New Google Sites is so slick and easy to use, but some features have been missing.  This tech tip will discuss two new features of the new Google Sites.

Feature #1 – Links in Page Navigation

You can now add links to web pages, photo galleries, drive files, etc and have it show in the page navigation. See picture below – Daily School Schedule looks like a page, but it goes to a Google Doc, and District Calendar looks like a page, but it goes to a calendar page on the District website. read more

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Copy comments screen

I love collaborating with my team (and educators all over NW Ohio!) with Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. One of my biggest frustrations is that the comments and suggestions don’t transfer when you make a copy. This means you lose your history of all your collaboration when you duplicate a document, spreadsheet, or presentation.. Now Google is making it possible to copy comments and suggestions any time you make a copy of a Docs, Sheets, or Slides file.

To copy your comments and suggestions, simply select “Make a copy” from the File menu as your normally do. Now you’ll see an option for “Copy comments and suggestions” or “Copy comments.” read more

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Screenshot 2016-12-20 17.54.39.png
As some of you might have heard, Google recently released a new version of Google Sites. It is so slick!  You have the Edit panel that allows you to put all of your items in your site.  Then, you simply drag and drop the items to where you want them on your page.

To create new pages, click on the Pages tab of the edit panel and create your new page. Then, just drag it and drop it wherever you want it in your navigation.

Select a theme to add some color and choose an image for your header background. Google will also automatically adjust your background image and text for readability.

Screenshot 2016-12-20 17.44.50.png

To get started with the new Google Sites, go to your apps launcher and select Sites, then select the New Google Sites.

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