Looking for an easy way to get your Google Drawing into your Google Doc?  Here it is!

  1.  Create your Google Drawing.

  1. Open your Google Doc and locate where you want to insert your Drawing. Choose the Insert menu → Drawing. Here you can choose the Drawing from Drive or start a new one.

  • If you are using one already created in Drive (like the above example,) you get asked if you want to link to source. What this means is that if the original image in Drawings gets changed, you can automatically update the one in Docs to match it.
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    Summer is almost here! It’s a great time to relax, recharge and yes, even level up your technology proficiency. While Tech Tips Tuesday is going on our annual break, we wanted to leave you with some summer professional development opportunities.

    Remember, all Northern Buckeye/NWOCA trainings are included with membership at no additional cost. You also have access to our archive of webinars, class materials, and other PD resources. Our training website at training.nwoca.org has all of these and more. If you’re unsure if your district is a member, check out the list on our website. read more

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    Look at the cloned kitties!

    This month, our Google Certified Educator Level 1 Cohort has been focused on Google Drawings. I shared the following tips with our cohort and I thought they were useful enough to share with all of you. If you haven’t gotten to know Google Drawings, you’re missing out! Here is one of our archived webinars to get introduced.

    Clone Your Shapes

    To create a clone of your selected shape, hold down Control (Windows/Chromebook) or Option (Mac) and drag the shape. Voila! Shapes that are exact clones of one another. read more

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