Are you looking for a fun way to bring creative writing to life? Story Dice is a free, web based story idea generator that you can access for your students or yourself. This simple idea generator functions as a random generator with more than 50 different dice images. They can be used in groups of 5 or 9 dice.

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“As well as being a fun diversion for parents and kids, this is also a handy tool for writers looking for inspiration to create their own story ideas. As a creative exercise, it’s a brilliant way of giving your imagination a workout. And because your imagination is where your ideas come from, that’s a great mental muscle to flex. The more practice you put into turning the prompts into stories, the better you will get at storytelling and articulating your own ideas.” read more

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AutoDraw is one of Google’s A.I. experiments that allows you to start drawing, and then it guesses what you are drawing. It gives a list of images and you can just pick the one you want. Google AutoDraw is completely free.

To get started, visit:

You can use the tools in the toolbar to get started with drawing a picture. Use the 2nd tool (outlined with the red box) to use the magic features of AutoDraw.

Draw your picture first, then check out the options at the top (outlined in red.) It guesses what you are drawing, and then gives options to choose from. read more

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If you are looking for real life applications, puzzles, interdisciplinary connections and creative interactions to be a part of your student’s math learning experience, you need to take some time to look at  Mathigon is a site that provides your students an engaging opportunity to explore and discover math.  

They provide a course library of lessons focusing on various grade bands: Grades 6-8, Grades 9-10, and Grades 11-12.  These are lessons that will guide the students through the content.  Some of it is still being constructed but there are some great ones to begin with. read more

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Now I have your attention! Have you heard of Classhook? It’s a tool I came across last year and I found it again and wanted to share it with the Tech Tips Community. is a simple concept, search and find short pieces of video from popular movies and TV and use them to help demonstrate a concept or idea to your students.

Go to Classhook

To get started head on over to and sign in with your school google account. The free account lets you show 20 videos per month which is a good way to get started and lets you try it with your students.  read more

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Dr. Jordan Cotten is an Instructional Technology Coach. She created a Google Sheet that organizes educational technology tools like an online tech toolbelt.

You’ll want to bookmark this site and keep it handy.

Dr. Cotten strives to share innovative tech tools that are conducive to student-centered learning. Currently, there are 38 categories from Back Channeling & Polling, Interactive Lessons, Video Creation, Interactive Whiteboards, Formative Assessment, and Website & Portfolio Builder, just to name a few. The Google Sheet is frequently updated listing new tech tools. read more

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