by John Mansel-Pleydell

Google Classroom will integrate with many third party websites allowing you to post assignments directly to your classroom stream from another website. Create quizzes in one website and post them as assignments in Classroom.

Casey Bell (Shake Up Learning) has posted a list of 35 sites that integrate with Google Classroom. The original post is here.
The list is repeated below for your convenience.


1. American Museum of Natural History

(programs and educational resources)

2. cK-12

(library of free online textbooks, videos, exercises, flashcards, and real world applications)

3. Alma

(learning management system)

4. Buncee

(presentation tool)

5. Google Cultural Institute

(collections of art, exhibits, and archives from across the globe)


(educational content, videos, and more)

7. Discovery Education

(educational content, videos, and more)

8. Dogo News

(news articles for kids)

9. DuoLingo

(language learning platform)

10. EdPuzzle

(interactive video lessons)

11. Edulastic

(interactive, common core assessments)

12. Flat

(music score editor for students)

13. Imagine Easy Scholar

(develop reading, writing, and critical thinking skills) 14. 

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