Dr. Jordan Cotten is an Instructional Technology Coach. She created a Google Sheet that organizes educational technology tools like an online tech toolbelt.

You’ll want to bookmark this site and keep it handy.

Dr. Cotten strives to share innovative tech tools that are conducive to student-centered learning. Currently, there are 38 categories from Back Channeling & Polling, Interactive Lessons, Video Creation, Interactive Whiteboards, Formative Assessment, and Website & Portfolio Builder, just to name a few. The Google Sheet is frequently updated listing new tech tools. read more

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If you are looking for a fun, new twist on your typical review game, you will want to give Blooket a try. This focuses on the free version of Blooket. There is the option to upgrade to a paid version which gives greater access to analytics of the student work. The free version is very useful for the classroom experience. You and your students will greatly enjoy it.

Sign up is easy. It is only required for the Teacher to have an account. Students are able to play with a simple link and login code. This makes it easier for them to join in the fun. read more

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Wouldn’t it be nice to insert a video into your Google Doc and bypass the whole path to YouTube?  Google has recently made this much easier to do! Now you can insert videos right into your Google Doc and have them play while your students are still inside the document. 

First create your document, use tables, colors, whatever you need. Next copy the YouTube URL to the video. Paste it right into your document, and click on the tab key as prompted. This will make it look like a video link, instead of just the ugly link. (If you don’t click the tab key, it will still insert a link to the video, however the option of playing the video inside the document will not work.) read more

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Every now and then a technology comes along that completely changes the way you do things. Now I am a big believer that good technology needs to be the solution to a problem, not just a gimmick. Sure some things can be really cool but their usefulness is limited beyond a certain point.

So my problem for some time has been finding a good place to put my notes from the meetings that are part of my daily routine. During the pandemic I went back to writing in the lined notebooks that most students carry in their book bags, simply because I am most productive with my notes when I am using a real pen and paper. This was a good solution for me because I can refer back to my notes when I need to by flipping through the notepad. I put the date on the top which helps me locate the note later and I can refer to my Google Calendar for the right date if I cannot find the note. read more

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Students in grades 3-6 can use Storia, a collection of over 1,200 eBooks; hand-selected to support Ohio’s learning standards.  Storia offers students unlimited and simultaneous access to nonfiction and fiction eBooks. Reading teachers love Storia for its support of Ohio’s ELA learning standards. But content area teachers can use the titles too! Each of the over 1200 eBooks supports 3-6 grade standards for science, social studies, or math as well as reading and writing.

Finding the eBooks

Start by selecting eBooks in the navigation bar at the top of the screen. You’ll then have two ways to find eBooks read more

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