Students in grades 3-6 can use Storia, a collection of over 1,200 eBooks; hand-selected to support Ohio’s learning standards.  Storia offers students unlimited and simultaneous access to nonfiction and fiction eBooks. Reading teachers love Storia for its support of Ohio’s ELA learning standards. But content area teachers can use the titles too! Each of the over 1200 eBooks supports 3-6 grade standards for science, social studies, or math as well as reading and writing.

Finding the eBooks

Start by selecting eBooks in the navigation bar at the top of the screen. You’ll then have two ways to find eBooks read more

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With the wake of COVID-19 and school closings, there has been a deluge of free apps and resources for remote learning. So much so, that you may feel like you are drowning in a sea of resources wondering which are the “best” to use. 

Well, I have good news for you! INFOhio has you covered!

Through INFOhio, every PreK-12 teacher, student, and parent in the state has free access to 27 digital research databases that contain the kinds of journal articles, primary sources, videos, images and diagrams, and ebooks, needed for school.

INFOhio’s digital library contains high-quality instructional resources that are aligned to Ohio’s learning standards and organized by age 3-5, grades K-5, grades 6-8, and grades 9-12.

Learn of ways to deliver this content to students remotely by reading INFOhio’s Remote Learning Blog Series.

Remote Learning with INFOhio: Ages 3-5
Remote Learning with INFOhio: Grades K-5
Remote Learning with INFOhio: Grades 6-8
Remote Learning with INFOhio: Grades 9-12
Remote Learning with INFOhio: Supporting Parents
Remote Learning with INFOhio: The First Few Weeks

INFOhio Webinars: Be the Helper—Support Ohio’s Remote Learning with Quality Content from INFOhio read more

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Chrome’s bookmarks toolbar is a great way to navigate to your favorite sites quickly and easily.  However, this prime real estate is very limited and once you fill it up the overflow is put into the expandable “Other Bookmarks” folder soon to be forgotten. 

One of the easiest ways to maximize this space is to create a favicon for the items you’ve bookmarked.  Not only will this give you more room for bookmarks but it will also improve the appearance of your bookmarks bar. 

Let’s create a custom bookmarks toolbar using favicons! 

  • Sign into your Chrome account.
  • Right-click on the bookmark, select Edit.

  • In the popup window that opens, delete the text that appears in the Name field and click Save.

  • Repeat this process for all the bookmarks you want to edit. If you are unfamiliar with the Favicon that represents the site, instead of removing the name leave a shortened description in the Name field.
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    Have you ever wanted to format your comments in Google Docs to get your point across and make it clearer?  

    If so, I have great news!  You can bold, italicize and strikethrough text in a Google Doc comment with a couple easy keystrokes.


    For bold text:

    Add an asterisk on both sides of the word or sentence you wish to bold  


    After clicking comment, the text will appear like this:
    For italicized text:

    Add an underscore on both sides of the text or sentence you wish to italicize


    After clicking comment, the text will appear like this:
    For Strikethrough text:

    Add a hyphen on both sides of the text or sentence you wish to strikethrough  


    After clicking comment, the text will appear like this:
    For All Three

    Place an asterisk, hyphen and underscore on both sides of the text or sentence, making sure each side mirrors the other.

    After clicking comment, the text will appear like this:

    In addition, these tricks also work in Sheets and Slides (and anywhere else that you can use Google’s commenting system).


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    Incorporating YouTube videos into your lesson plans is a simple and interesting way to enhance student engagement and promote class discussion. However, navigating with a mouse or track pad by pointing and clicking can be tricky and slow.

    Guess what! There are keyboard shortcuts that make it easier and faster to navigate any video on YouTube. You can use keyboard shortcuts to easily fast forward a YouTube video, mute, turn on or off closed captions and a lot more.


    Keyboard Shortcut Function
    f Enter or exit full screen
    k  or Spacebar Toggle play/pause the video
    c Turn on/off closed captions
    + Increase cc font size
    Decrease cc font size
    j Move backward 10 seconds
    l Move forward 10 seconds
    ← (Arrow left key) Move backward 5 seconds
    → (Arrow right key) Move forward 5 seconds
    m Mute/unmute volume
    ↑(Arrow up key) Increase volume 5%
    ↓(Arrow down key) Decrease volume 5%
    Number keys (1, 2, 3…) Skip to a particular section of the video

    (e.g. 1=10%, 5=50% or video midpoint, 9=90%)

    Shift > Speed up a video
    Shift < Slow down a video to watch in slo-mo
    0 / Home key Return to beginning of video
    End (for MAC fn ▶) Go to end of video


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