We are excited to announce the newest addition to our Northwest Ohio Steam Lab! Meet Indi the latest robot from Sphero. indi joins our lineup as a programmable robot that is so easy to use that a preschooler can use it!

The indi lab made its first visit to one of our schools in early November. Our first school to borrow the lab was North Central Local Elementary school in Williams County. 

I had been in contact with Pre-school & Pre-Kindergarten teacher Amanda Fellers who requested some team taught STEAM for her younger students. Originally we were going to take the Lego WeDo kits to her classroom. Thanks to Northern Buckeye and Northwest Ohio Educational Service Center, we were able to order the indi kits which had just become available.  read more

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Professional Development, two words that often have negative connotations amongst fellow educators. If you attend any PD sessions put on by your school district, there are generally two options; the PD you have to attend and the PD you actually want to attend.

At Northern Buckeye we have always tried to be innovative in our approach to the training we offer to our membership.  We want to be remembered by teachers as having provided them with training that was both useful and good enough that they would want to recommend it to their colleagues. read more

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Every now and then a technology comes along that completely changes the way you do things. Now I am a big believer that good technology needs to be the solution to a problem, not just a gimmick. Sure some things can be really cool but their usefulness is limited beyond a certain point.

So my problem for some time has been finding a good place to put my notes from the meetings that are part of my daily routine. During the pandemic I went back to writing in the lined notebooks that most students carry in their book bags, simply because I am most productive with my notes when I am using a real pen and paper. This was a good solution for me because I can refer back to my notes when I need to by flipping through the notepad. I put the date on the top which helps me locate the note later and I can refer to my Google Calendar for the right date if I cannot find the note. read more

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Last week I was invited to tour Edgerton’s new STEAM Space by high school science teacher Tracy Rendleman who has with the assistance of the district administration and fellow science teachers Olivia Schaffner and Seth Schroeder, built a new learning space in the space formerly occupied by the library.

We started with a visit to her Biology class who were busy turning a pile of random lego bricks into something. These students are experiencing their introduction to form and function via STEAM  by trying to make something using their imagination. I asked the students if they liked playing with Legos again. There was a mixed response. One student noted that “I don’t know what to make. ” This highlighted for me the importance of trying these types of activities to re-engage the students using their imagination and to solve problems. read more

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Google has added a few new “experimental’ websites to its list of cool tools and I wanted to share a couple of them, while they are still “hot off the presses”.

The first is an Interactive Periodic Table which you may have stumbled upon when doing a regular google search. If you search for “Periodic Table” one of the results in the right sidebar looks like this.

Click the Explore Elements button and you will be taken to the the 3D Interactive Periodic Table.

Google’s Interactive Periodic Table

Each element is featured with a 3D animated model. You can turn the element around and see the orbiting electrons. Notice the spelling of Aluminium! As a former science teacher from Australia, it is good to see the 13th element is spelled correctly! read more

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