Draw Easily with Google AutoDraw

AutoDraw is one of Google’s A.I. experiments that allows you to start drawing, and then it guesses what you are drawing. It gives a list of images and you can just pick the one you want. Google AutoDraw is completely free.

To get started, visit: https://www.autodraw.com.

You can use the tools in the toolbar to get started with drawing a picture. Use the 2nd tool (outlined with the red box) to use the magic features of AutoDraw.

Draw your picture first, then check out the options at the top (outlined in red.) It guesses what you are drawing, and then gives options to choose from.

Just choose the one you want to use. 

Continue drawing using the autodraw tool or any of the tools in the toolbar. Add text, shapes, colors, and more. 

When you are done with your drawing, click on the main menu (3 lines) button in the top corner and decide how you want to share/save your drawing. 

The share option gives a link that allows others to view it. Choose download to save a copy of your drawing.

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