Inserting Your Own Videos into Google Slides

If you use Google Slides, you probably already know that you can insert videos into your Slides from YouTube, by URL, and Google Drive. But did you know that with an extension, you can add your own video to any slide? This could include your face, voice, student’s work, etc. Consider using this for explaining directions, doing an experiment, showcasing examples, and more.

Here are the steps to get started: 

1. Visit the Chrome web store and download the Record to Slides extension.

2. You will see a video camera icon appear in the top corner of Slides. Note: If you are currently in a Slides presentation when you add this, you may need to refresh Slides if it doesn’t appear right away. Click on it when you are ready to start your recording.

3. Make sure your camera and microphone are allowed for Google Slides, and you should see your video pop up. Just like anything else Google, you can change the permissions of the video to Anyone, Anyone in your Domain, and Private. Press the record button below your video to record yourself.

4. When you are finished recording, press the record button again to stop it and then scroll down to click the OK button. This will put your video on whatever slide you currently are on.

This is a great Slides extension for explaining directions, self paced projects, and more.

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