New Watermark feature in Google Docs

Google has recently rolled out the Watermark feature to Google Docs. You can use this feature to put your school’s logo, a fun picture, the words draft or confidential, or anything into the background of your document. 

Open a new Google Doc or even an existing Google Doc. Go to your Insert Menu and select Watermark.

This will bring up the Watermark menu off to the side of your Google Doc.

Click on the option to select your image. You can choose any image from Google Drive, Google Image Search, your Camera, or more.

By default, the scale will go to 100%, but you can easily make your watermark bigger or smaller by changing this number. The Faded box will also be checked by default. If you don’t want it faded, simply uncheck this box. You can change the image at any time by clicking on the pencil icon in the corner of the watermark menu. If you want to remove the watermark completely, choose Remove watermark at the very bottom of the menu.

One important thing to note about these watermarks is that once added, they will appear on every page of your google doc automatically.

Have fun using this new feature! 

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