Google Experiment: Cultural Crosswords

Today, I would like to introduce you to the wonderful world of Cultural Crosswords within Google Arts and Culture.  This is an exciting way to expand your knowledge if you love puzzles and yet at times find yourself struggling to access everything you need to know within your current knowledge base. 

Once you arrive at the menu, you are able to make some selections to give your crossword a direction.  You can select from the above topics of arts, around the world, science and technology, fashion, nature, or the weekly crossword.

At the bottom of the opening page, you will see the icons to move you between the menu, crossword puzzle (where you will enter your answers) and the clues if you would like to see them in a list form.

Once the puzzle is open you are able to place your cursor over any of the initial boxes and the clue will be given to you within the puzzle in blue.

After entering your chosen answer, a correct response will be shown with a green box around it with an incorrect response showing as red.

If you are like me, at times you may need a little extra background knowledge to help with the puzzle.  Within the Clues page, where they appear in list form, is a wonderful option for those of us who are still mastering the content. 

By selecting that you would like to proceed, you are taken to a page that will give the background information you need to complete the selected puzzle clue.

Once you find your answer, click the back arrow and you return to your puzzle where you can enter your word and continue on to the next clue.

Enjoy the journey as you build knowledge and find success in the world of crossword puzzles.

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