Now I have your attention! Have you heard of Classhook? It’s a tool I came across last year and I found it again and wanted to share it with the Tech Tips Community. is a simple concept, search and find short pieces of video from popular movies and TV and use them to help demonstrate a concept or idea to your students.


To get started head on over to and sign in with your school google account. The free account lets you show 20 videos per month which is a good way to get started and lets you try it with your students. 

The Browse menu lets you search in a number of ways. Browse Subjects or Movie Recommendations are both good ways to find content.

In movie recommendations you can search for a particular topic and it will find clips for you.

I put in a search for “Bullying” and found several clips including a couple from the PBS show “Arthur” that I can use with younger students.

Click the heading to see the clips.

You can play any video by clicking it.

Under the video you can use the share button to share the video with your class via google classroom or copy and paste into your school’s learning platform.

Students do not need to be logged in to see the video and it might be a good way to “hook” your class into some learning in new and interesting ways.

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