Creating a Google Sheets Table Chart

Seeing is believing, right?! A chart can turn data into a powerful visual to help analyze and track trends. Google Sheets offers a wide range of chart types: column charts, pie charts, line charts, bar charts, scatter plots, and others.

One of the “others” I like to use to reference data in a Sheet quickly is a table chart.  Sometimes I will even use both, a more traditional chart like a bar chart and a table chart.

A table chart places the selected columns/rows into a graph where the data can be easily accessible.

Below is an example that includes both a column chart and a table chart:

You can use a table chart as a dashboard or summary page in Sheets, embed the table chart on a website, or include it in a Slides presentation or a Docs report.

Sheets provides a feature to link the chart to the spreadsheet. When this option is enabled, whenever the data in the spreadsheet changes, you will have the opportunity to update the chart in other apps with a click of a button.

The following instructional video shows how to link your chart.

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