Google has recently rolled out the Watermark feature to Google Docs. You can use this feature to put your school’s logo, a fun picture, the words draft or confidential, or anything into the background of your document. 

Open a new Google Doc or even an existing Google Doc. Go to your Insert Menu and select Watermark.

This will bring up the Watermark menu off to the side of your Google Doc.

Click on the option to select your image. You can choose any image from Google Drive, Google Image Search, your Camera, or more. read more

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Seeing is believing, right?! A chart can turn data into a powerful visual to help analyze and track trends. Google Sheets offers a wide range of chart types: column charts, pie charts, line charts, bar charts, scatter plots, and others.

One of the “others” I like to use to reference data in a Sheet quickly is a table chart.  Sometimes I will even use both, a more traditional chart like a bar chart and a table chart.

A table chart places the selected columns/rows into a graph where the data can be easily accessible. read more

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Now I have your attention! Have you heard of Classhook? It’s a tool I came across last year and I found it again and wanted to share it with the Tech Tips Community. is a simple concept, search and find short pieces of video from popular movies and TV and use them to help demonstrate a concept or idea to your students.

Go to Classhook

To get started head on over to and sign in with your school google account. The free account lets you show 20 videos per month which is a good way to get started and lets you try it with your students.  read more

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Today, I would like to introduce you to the wonderful world of Cultural Crosswords within Google Arts and Culture.  This is an exciting way to expand your knowledge if you love puzzles and yet at times find yourself struggling to access everything you need to know within your current knowledge base. 

Once you arrive at the menu, you are able to make some selections to give your crossword a direction.  You can select from the above topics of arts, around the world, science and technology, fashion, nature, or the weekly crossword. read more

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