Inserting Videos into Google Docs

Wouldn’t it be nice to insert a video into your Google Doc and bypass the whole path to YouTube?  Google has recently made this much easier to do! Now you can insert videos right into your Google Doc and have them play while your students are still inside the document. 

First create your document, use tables, colors, whatever you need. Next copy the YouTube URL to the video. Paste it right into your document, and click on the tab key as prompted. This will make it look like a video link, instead of just the ugly link. (If you don’t click the tab key, it will still insert a link to the video, however the option of playing the video inside the document will not work.)

Now, once the video link is inserted properly, hover over the link and then move your mouse down to the video. You will notice the option to preview the video pops up. Click on Open Preview.

This opens your YouTube video in a small window, while still staying within the Google Doc. The students can watch it, pause it, rewind it, take notes, etc. Just adjust the size of the window if you want it bigger or smaller, and close the video when you are done.

Thanks, Google, for this neat update!

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