Dr. Jordan Cotten is an Instructional Technology Coach. She created a Google Sheet that organizes educational technology tools like an online tech toolbelt.

You’ll want to bookmark this site and keep it handy.

Dr. Cotten strives to share innovative tech tools that are conducive to student-centered learning. Currently, there are 38 categories from Back Channeling & Polling, Interactive Lessons, Video Creation, Interactive Whiteboards, Formative Assessment, and Website & Portfolio Builder, just to name a few. The Google Sheet is frequently updated listing new tech tools. read more

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We are excited to announce the newest addition to our Northwest Ohio Steam Lab! Meet Indi the latest robot from Sphero. indi joins our lineup as a programmable robot that is so easy to use that a preschooler can use it!

The indi lab made its first visit to one of our schools in early November. Our first school to borrow the lab was North Central Local Elementary school in Williams County. 

I had been in contact with Pre-school & Pre-Kindergarten teacher Amanda Fellers who requested some team taught STEAM for her younger students. Originally we were going to take the Lego WeDo kits to her classroom. Thanks to Northern Buckeye and Northwest Ohio Educational Service Center, we were able to order the indi kits which had just become available.  read more

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If you are looking for a fun, new twist on your typical review game, you will want to give Blooket a try. This focuses on the free version of Blooket. There is the option to upgrade to a paid version which gives greater access to analytics of the student work. The free version is very useful for the classroom experience. You and your students will greatly enjoy it.

Sign up is easy. It is only required for the Teacher to have an account. Students are able to play with a simple link and login code. This makes it easier for them to join in the fun. read more

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Professional Development, two words that often have negative connotations amongst fellow educators. If you attend any PD sessions put on by your school district, there are generally two options; the PD you have to attend and the PD you actually want to attend.

At Northern Buckeye we have always tried to be innovative in our approach to the training we offer to our membership.  We want to be remembered by teachers as having provided them with training that was both useful and good enough that they would want to recommend it to their colleagues. read more

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Wouldn’t it be nice to insert a video into your Google Doc and bypass the whole path to YouTube?  Google has recently made this much easier to do! Now you can insert videos right into your Google Doc and have them play while your students are still inside the document. 

First create your document, use tables, colors, whatever you need. Next copy the YouTube URL to the video. Paste it right into your document, and click on the tab key as prompted. This will make it look like a video link, instead of just the ugly link. (If you don’t click the tab key, it will still insert a link to the video, however the option of playing the video inside the document will not work.) read more

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