Provide Audio Feedback with Mote

Mote is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to add voice comments and audio to shared documents, assignments, emails, forms, and websites. After installing the extension, Mote integrates into Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Gmail, and Classroom’s Stream and Private Comments views. The free version provides 30-seconds of recording time.

An example of a teacher providing a comment in a Google Doc:

After installing the extension, the Mote button will appear on the comments card in Google Workspace apps. The free version edit mode lets you download the recording if desired and translate the top message in a different language, not the actual recording.

In addition to adding a recording to a comment card in Google Workspace apps, Mote offers the ability to easily add an audio clip or narration to a Google Slides presentation. After installing the Mote extension, the Mote button will automatically appear above the Slides deck you are currently working on. 

After recording, the Slides Audio Playback window pane will appear to the right. You can customize the playback options, for example, to play “on click” or “automatically.” You can resize the audio icon on the slide and move the icon to a specific location.

Mote is an excellent tool to use to read instructions and questions on a Google Form. After installing the Mote extension, the Mote button will automatically appear in the Forms question card.

Click here to view an example of how a student would interact with Mote audio clips embedded in Google Forms.

The free version of the Mote Chrome extension provides an excellent tool for teachers to offer voice comments/feedback and short narration clips to Slides and Forms. Students will be able to detect a teacher’s tone and excitement. Jump on the Mote boat and give the extension a try; anchors aweigh!

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