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Students in grades 3-6 can use Storia, a collection of over 1,200 eBooks; hand-selected to support Ohio’s learning standards.  Storia offers students unlimited and simultaneous access to nonfiction and fiction eBooks. Reading teachers love Storia for its support of Ohio’s ELA learning standards. But content area teachers can use the titles too! Each of the over 1200 eBooks supports 3-6 grade standards for science, social studies, or math as well as reading and writing.

Finding the eBooks

Start by selecting eBooks in the navigation bar at the top of the screen. You’ll then have two ways to find eBooks

  1. Browse Collections – Select the Collections tab on the left side of the screen to see carefully curated collections of eBooks selected for your grade, and organized by subject, theme, or reading level.
  2. Search for Individual eBooks – Select the eBooks tab on the left side of the screen to see all of the eBooks in your library. You can then search by title, author, reading level, genre, subject, and other criteria

Assigning Titles

Individual teacher accounts for educators who teach grades 3, 4, 5, and 6 allow teachers to assign an eBook or multiple eBooks to a student, group, or class. Books you’ve assigned appear on the selected students’ bookshelves with a star symbol and a “TEACHER PICK” label to let them know you assigned it. Students can also browse collections of eBooks and add any they like to their bookshelf. Students can select any eBook to open and read it.

Viewing Reports

Teachers can also track student progress by viewing reports with statistics including the number of pages and minutes read, words looked up, highlights and notes. 

Sticky Notes

Storia allows a reader to drop a note anywhere on any page of an eBook. You can drop as many as you want.

  • Teachers can leave notes in a book and then share or assign that book to their students.
  • Notes that a student takes will only be available to that student. (Teachers cannot view students’ notes.)


Not only can students create notes that you can view later, they can also highlight words and phrases that you can track in your teacher tools and reports. Ask students to highlight words they don’t know, or to find phrases.

Build Vocabulary with the Storia Dictionary

The Storia Dictionary helps readers understand the bigger words without interrupting the story. Simply touch or highlight a word while reading and the Storia dictionary instantly offers age-appropriate definitions and an optional voice natural voice read-aloud. 

Reading Challenge

At the end of each eBook, there is a reading challenge where student knowledge is tested and teachers can check for comprehension. 

  Read-to-Me eBooks

Storia’s 102 Read-to-Me eBooks feature expressive readings complemented with music, sound effects, and highlighted text. Students can follow for an engaging experience that builds reading confidence.  To activate this read-aloud feature, users will open any eBook that includes the Read-to-Me icon.

The user can select Play to have the eBook read at a typical speed or Slower to have the eBook read at a slower speed. The user can Pause at any time.


50 eBooks have embedded videos to support the themes or content of the eBook. Built-in videos bring the text to life. Look for the video in the upper right-hand corner of the eBook. Click the icon to start the video.


These are interactive features found in selected eBooks.Activities include word webs, drawing games, sequencing, and others designed to support the content of the eBook. Activities are marked within the pages of the eBook by a lightning bolt. Select this bolt to start the activity.

  Teaching Tip Cards

579 eBooks include Teacher Tip Cards, identified with a “T” on the tile. Teaching Tip Cards include a variety of activities, such as:

  • Word Study: Build vocabulary while looking at words in context.
  • Analyze Informational Text: Answer questions about the content on specific pages.
  • Talk About It!: Creative discussion starters to get the whole class talking.
  • Write About Reading: Suggest topics for both narrative and informative/exploratory writing.

If your building is new to Storia, you will need to complete this form.  To learn more about how to get started with Storia, review the Storia Getting Started Lesson in INFOhio’s Learning Pathway class. Click here for a complete list of titles.  Click here to learn how to use Storia in your classroom. 

With 24/7, simultaneous access to over 1200 authentic eBooks, there are endless opportunities for your students to find books they can and want to read.  Sign up now to get started!

Happy Reading!

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