Google has added a few new “experimental’ websites to its list of cool tools and I wanted to share a couple of them, while they are still “hot off the presses”.

The first is an Interactive Periodic Table which you may have stumbled upon when doing a regular google search. If you search for “Periodic Table” one of the results in the right sidebar looks like this.

Click the Explore Elements button and you will be taken to the the 3D Interactive Periodic Table.

Google’s Interactive Periodic Table

Each element is featured with a 3D animated model. You can turn the element around and see the orbiting electrons. Notice the spelling of Aluminium! As a former science teacher from Australia, it is good to see the 13th element is spelled correctly!

Make sure to check out the site and add it to the resources you share with your students.

Paint with Music

Here is one for our lovers of art and culture. Google has extended their experiment with Paint with Music.

An interactive experience that connects two major forms of artistic expression: painting and musical composition. Using machine learning — you can turn a paintbrush into a musical instrument that translates the movement of your brushstrokes into musical notes performed by an instrument of your choice. 

Check it out and release your inner artist and musician.

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