Introducing Northern Buckeye Professional Learning Group!

NWOCA Instructional Services is excited to announce that we have changed our name to Northern Buckeye Professional Learning Group (PLG). The name is a reflection of our primary mission which is to provide professional learning opportunities to our member districts.



For many teachers, the term professional development unfortunately has negative connotations, we are on a mission to change that! Our range of professional learning opportunities reflect a new approach with the idea of lifelong learning that is personalized and relevant to your individual needs.

With a new name comes the opportunity to share some of the great services that are available to teachers and staff who work in the 40+ districts services by the Northern Buckeye Education Council. Chances are if you are reading this, your district is a member!



Our most popular opportunities right now are the Google Certified Educator cohorts.  During the past year over 800 teachers have completed them with many going on to take the tests and getting certified with Google. These self paced courses are currently offered several times throughout the year and cover all the Google Workspace tools that are available to use with your school account. The upcoming summer session begins on May 17th and registrations are open now. You can find out more details on our GCE Cohort website.



Another popular program has been our team taught technology program which focuses on introduction to technology skills for students and teachers in the primary grades. Our Google for Littles program teaches the fundamentals of the google tools. We also offer Seesaw for Littles and STEAM for Students. All of these programs are team taught with a technologist. The benefit of this is that the teacher learns right along with their students.



Our services also include virtual and in-person professional learning events. We can help your district put together full or half days with multiple trainers and topics. For individualized training, we are available for in-person or virtual tech coaching. In addition, we also have a curated collection of videos from our virtual training that are available on demand with 24/7 access. Please contact us for more information on any of these opportunities. 

You can find all our services on the PLG website at

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