Do you have the same problem as everyone else? Lots of useful information to read online, but no time to do it? You wish you could just tuck it away to read at a later date…well, now you can. Meet the Chrome Reading List! 

The Chrome Reading List is built right into Chrome, there is nothing to download. You can access it on your Bookmarks bar and it travels with you in your Chrome profile. 


To add any page to your reading list, just simply click on the star in your omnibox (URL bar) just like you would to add a bookmark. Only don’t add it to your bookmarks, add it to your reading list. 


The link will automatically be added to your reading list, and will be ready whenever you want to go back and read it. Just click on the Reading List button to access all your saved pages/articles. 

Once you read it, Chrome will keep track of that and put it in the pages read section. You can delete any of the pages by hovering over them and clicking the x. You can also mark any pages read or unread. 

This is a great new feature of Chrome built right in. Start building your Reading List now! 

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