We’ve all been there. We need to make a selection only to realize our choice is no longer available. Devastating! Or, if we ask students to select a research topic only to discover, most students chose the same issue. Now you are grading 20+ research papers on Sir Winston Churchill. [sigh!]

Google Forms Choice Eliminator 2 add-on enables you to select a maximum number each choice can be selected. For example, if you are a party planner for staff potlucks, you will want to create a form listing food items in a dropdown question: desserts, utensils, napkins, desserts, side dishes, main dishes, drinks, and did I mention desserts? Using the Choice Eliminator 2 add-on, you will establish the maximum number of side dishes, main dishes, and desserts. The Choice Eliminator 2 add-on is also a fantastic tool for scheduling appointments, meetings, and evaluations.

To eliminate choices on a form, follow the below steps:


  1. Enter choices/options as a Drop-down Question type.
  2. Get Choice Eliminator 2 Add-on by clicking the three-dots menu, selecting Add-ons, then locate and install from the Marketplace.

  3. Click on Add-ons button from the top right corner. Select Choice Eliminator 2.

  4. Click on Configure

  5. Review the TAKE NOTE message.

  6. From the Choice Eliminator 2 window pane, click on the first question you want to eliminate choices. Click on the checkbox. Then, click on the settings button.

  7. Enter the maximum number. When the maximum number is reached, the option will be eliminated.

  8. Exit from the Choice Eliminator 2 windowpane.


As users submit the Form, if the maximum number is reached, the option will remain until someone tries to select the choice again. When the selection is one over the maximum amount, the below message will appear.

Now, the choice will be eliminated from the drop-down menu.

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