In a post last August, I recommended you take a look at Seesaw. More recently I did a tip on the 4 New features of Seesaw.

For those of you who are getting started with Seesaw this year, I wanted to give you a heads up as to where to get some help. For those of you already using Seesaw and ready to learn more, you will be interested in the Pioneer program. Lastly the Help Center has answers for all of your frequently asked questions.


New to Seesaw?

The first place to get started is Seesaw’s built-in training.


Teachers can go through the steps to setup an account using the easy checklist then connect with your students via the Students Getting Started kit which includes lesson plans to get your students going with Seesaw.


Pioneer Program

If you have been using Seesaw for a while then you should check out the Pioneer Program which offers you a great opportunity to further your Seesaw experience.


The Seesaw Pioneer program is a completely free opportunity, available to any educator using Seesaw. Seesaw Pioneers have moved beyond the Seesaw basics and are ready to connect with inspiring educators who also love Seesaw!


Seesaw Help

All teachers should bookmark the help site for answers to all your questions.


The help site is a user friendly site that will help you get more our of your Seesaw account. You can search for topics or choose from a list of commonly asked questions.


The articles have screenshots and step by step instructions for you to follow.


For Northern Buckeye/NWOCA Members

If you are still stuck and need some help with Seesaw you can always contact NWOCA Professional Development and arrange a 1:1 virtual tech coaching session to get your questions answered. See the training site for more information.


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