Make Google Classroom Friendlier for Littles with Symbols

I have been doing a lot of work with younger students and their teachers in the last few months and one thing that has become apparent is that Google Classroom is not an easy tool to teach to Kindergarten students! Difficult but not impossible! I have been musing as to how one could make it easier for younger students to use.

Last week at a teacher inservice at Swanton, I came upon a solution from a colleague (Julie LaPoint) who has started using a website called to add text to her Google Classroom.


The website is very basic but it makes it easy for you to copy various icons and emojis and paste them into anywhere where text can be displayed. You can change the title of your class and make it stand out more.


You can add icons to your topics and even assignments and materials. It is a lot easier to tell littles to click on the palm trees instead of them having to read some text.

Consider adding icons to your Topics to make them stand out.

The site offers a range of icons and there is a search that lets you find emoji.

So if you are looking for a way to make your Google Classroom more user friendly for your littles than you should give a try.

They also have a Chrome Extension that you might try that gives you emoji right from the toolbar in Google Chrome.

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