Five Helpful Tips for Remote Teaching

When teaching or attending meetings remotely, it is essential to present yourself professionally. The following “Five Helpful Tips for Remote Teaching” will do just that!

Natural light is preferred. You will want to face the window. If your back is to the window, you will appear very dark — almost shadow-like — in the video. This effect is known as backlit, which you want to avoid. As we all know, our great State of Ohio can experience all four seasons in a week, and our winters can be very gray. On the gray weather days, you will want to place a lamp behind your monitor to brighten your face. To look your best, you may want to consider purchasing a video conference ring light. The ring lights provide soft and even lighting.
Camera Angle
If you have ever offered to take a group picture, you probably have heard at least one person say, “Take the pic from above!” Well, it is the most flattering camera angle after all. When on a Zoom or Meet call, your camera should be slightly above eye level. You may need to prop up your device, so it is higher. Also, you may need to adjust the device lid by moving it forward or backward. As a general rule, do not sit too close to the camera. You will want to remain an arm’s length away.
Look Professional
I believe keeping a daily routine for both teachers and students is important during remote learning. It is easy to fall into the comfy trap. It is unclear who first said, “Try not to dress down more than one level from your normal school attire.” but I think this is a wise rule to follow. 
Minimize Distractions
You will want to keep whatever is in the camera view tidy. If there is too much going on in the background, students may become easily distracted. You may want to experiment with virtual backgrounds. You can use background images just for fun or incorporate a theme with your lesson/unit. Also, try to minimize noise distractions. At times, this can be unavoidable.
Eye Contact
It is helpful to look at the camera lens once in a while to make eye contact with your students. The eye contact will help foster a connection with your students. 

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