In a post just over a year ago I recommended you take a look at Seesaw. Since then they have made some more improvements. Here I will list 4 of them for you.


Multiple URLs on the Canvas

Multiple URLs on the canvas makes using Seesaw to create choice boards super easy. Any object on the canvas can have a link applied to it. Just select the object and click the three dots menu and choose the link option.


Adding Videos

The second new feature is that you can now add a video to each page of the activity.  The video can be recorded using your webcam (up to 5 minutes) or uploaded from your computer (up to 500Mb in Size).


Draw and Record

The draw and record feature which is popular for students to show their work has been improved and for those with Seesaw Pro or Seesaw for Schools you can now draw and record across multiple pages and it will create a video that becomes a new page added as page 1 of the post.


Sharing Seesaw Activities in Classroom

The last feature which teachers who also are using Google Classroom will appreciate is that you can now get a URL for each assigned activity and share it with your students as an assignment in classroom.

First you will need to find the activity in the activity library and assign it to one of your classes.

Next you click on the three dots menu and choose Get Student Link

Click the copy button to copy the URL

Now go to Google Classroom and create a new assignment.

Add the link as an attachment and post it for your class. You can now track the activity in Classroom (including assigning a grade) and the students have a direct link to the activity in Seesaw.

Make sure to tell the students to Mark As Done when they are finished in Seesaw by coming back to Classroom and clicking on the Mark As Done button.

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