Using Flipgrid to Create Instructional Videos

Flipgrid’s Video Shorts tool is an excellent way to create instructional videos. Flipgrid’s recorder allows you to create a video using a Webcam, Screencast, upload a video from your computer, and combine all three methods into one amazing instructional video clip. The maximum length of the recording is 15-minutes.

Once you create the video, you can download the file or share it to Classroom, Teams, Remind, or via URL or QR Code.


Explore the Record Screen

After signing-in to Flipgrid, click on SHORTS.

The video screen will appear.





Text ~ Change Font Color


Text ~ Change Font Outline Color


Text ~ Change Background Color








Photo Sticker


Share Video Options

Select from a variety of ways to share the video.


The QR Code is an excellent option to embed in assignments. Students/parents can watch the video for extra help with the activity.


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