As each day seems to add new tasks that can send us running in all directions, it’s nice to know there is an extension that will help you stay focused on the goals you most want to accomplish.  Win the Day is a Chrome extension that will remind you of your goal every time you open a new internet tab.  You will be able to set, track and detail your goals all in Win the Day’s simple and calming platform.  

Today’s Tech Tip will walk you through all of the steps from getting the extension to setting your focus timer.  Let’s start with getting the extension.


Getting the Extension

In the search box of the Chrome Web Store, type Win the Day and you should see the following information:

Add the extension by clicking on 




The extension will appear in the extension bar:

Click on the extension and you will be asked… 

After typing your name, you will need to create an account.  Create your account by integrating with Facebook or Google OR create a new account using your email and a unique password.

Now it’s time to learn the features!  There are three categories of the Win the Day platform: goals, focus timing and habits.  When you first enter the Win the Day platform, you will be asked to create a goal and determine the timeframe for achieving the goal:

Once your goal and its details are set, you are ready to start working toward the goal (shown below).  If you navigate to a different screen, click on the “Goal Tracking” icon to view your goal again:

Having trouble staying focused on a goal or habit?  Use the focus timer to make sure you accomplish what you need to do.  The timer can be found by clicking on the “Focus Mode” icon located next to the “Goal Tracking” icon in the upper-right corner of the page.  Set the timer by moving the ball around the timing circle.  Click “Start Now” and the timer begins!

Are there habits you want to reinforce to make sure you accomplish your goal?  Click on the “Habit Tracking” icon (Next to the “Focus Mode” icon) to create and track habits.

Would you rather have a different background when your “Win the Day” tab opens?  Click on the gear icon and choose your favorite background (shown below):

The available themes will be shown at the bottom of the Settings window:

Did you accomplish your goal of finding an extension that supports your goals?  What about your students’ goals?  All it takes is adding the extension.  In the words of Win the Day, the journey “all seems impossible until it’s done.”  Enjoy the extension!

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