Google Slides Image Hack: Image Overlay

When adding text to an image, you will want to make sure the text is readable. Writing over a picture slide can be challenging when the picture is busy and full of color. To effectively add text over images, add an image overlay to your Google Slide. The examples below show a slide without and with an image overlay.

No Image Overlay
With Image Overlay

To accomplish this effect, follow the below steps:

  1. Insert an image to a slide. Resize image so that it covers the slide 
  2. Add a rectangle and resize to cover the image

  3. Recolor the image by clicking on the Fill Color. Select a color. The rectangle shape will be filled in with the color selected

  4. Next, return to the Fill Color screen. Select Custom. Move the Transparency slider so that the fill color becomes more transparent. Then, click the OK button

Here’s an animation that shows you the entire process:

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