A new tool, Compare Documents, is appearing from the Google Docs Tools menu. This feature makes it easier to locate changes between two documents over a period of time. Teachers may want to use this tool to see the development of a student’s writing process. Students will begin with an original file and then make a copy of the original and add revisions to the copied version. The Compare Documents tool will create a third copy. The newly generated document will show all suggested edits from both files and the name of the person who made the suggestions.

To compare documents, follow the below steps:

  1. Open the original file
  2. From Tools menu option, select Compare Documents

  3. Next, select the final draft. Click on the Compare button. Google will begin to compare the initial document with the final version.

  4. To accept/reject the suggestions/changes, click on the checkmark or the X

Here are two animations demonstrating the process:

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