Frame It: Creating a Video Frame in FlipGrid

For all of you who’ve caught the FlipGrid fever, you and your students will LOVE creating frames for your videos. The frames can make the video more pleasant and fun to watch. When working with students, I will ask them to create a frame to match their discussion topic or perhaps create a scene from a book BEFORE recording their video.

For example,

To create a FlipGrid frame, follow the below steps:

  1. When the video screen appears, BEFORE clicking on record, create your frame using Stickers

  2. The Stickers screen will appear. There are five categories of stickers in the lower part of the screen. Click on the category to change the sticker view

  3. To move the sticker, place the mouse pointer inside the sticker. When arrow changes to four arrows, click and drag the sticker

  4. To rotate the sticker, click and rotate the circle with the arrow.

  5. To resize the sticker, click on it. Then, click and drag a circle to the desired size.

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