I was working with a principal this summer and showed her how to snooze an email and from her reaction, I realized that this would be good short tech tip to share with others.

I have written previous tips about curating your email (ART of Gmail ) November 2018 tech tip in that tech tip you had three choices Archive, Respond, ToDo. 

The rationale for ART is that you want your inbox to have a few as possible messages save in it. 

For some people, archiving is a rather drastic step as you tend to feel like you lose something when a message is no longer in your inbox and you need to get back to it. The solution is to snooze the message and have it return to your inbox sometime in the future.

Click the clock icon at the top of your message detail window and choose a snooze option.

Your snoozed messages will be removed from your inbox and can be accessed (if you need them earlier than the snooze time) you can always click on Snoozed in the sidebar.

Use this neat feature of Gmail to remove the less important messages from your inbox and have them return when you have time to deal with them.

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