Randomize your Slides presentations!

Are there times when you want your Google Slides to be in a random order? How about if your slides are vocabulary terms and you are studying for a test… or how about if it is a class collaboration slide deck where each student has their own slide?  Sometimes it is fun to have slides come up in random order. Here is how you can do this with the Slides add-on called Slides Randomizer. 

To install this, open up a Slides presentation that you already have (or you can create a new one, too.) Go to your Add-ons menu and select Get add-ons. 

Search for Slides Randomizer and install it by clicking the blue install button. 

Once it is installed, open up a Slides presentation and go back to your Add-ons menu to run it. 

You can decide to include the title slide or not…and then that’s it!

You will now see that your presentation is in random order. This will be evident on the side panel where you see all your slides, and also when you go to the presentation in full-screen mode.

You can randomize it again to receive different results, and/or undo it to return to the prior version. 

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