We’ve done a number of tips about Gmail… but here’s a new one that is super helpful for busy people.

Is there a certain time of the day when you actually have time to sit down and email? Maybe this is a time when you think others might not be reading their email. A well known one is Friday afternoon…when you think “If I send this now, it might get lost in the other person’s inbox….” Maybe it would be better to send the email out Monday morning, or a week from now. Well, now you can schedule your emails in Gmail!

To do this in Gmail, create a new message, and put the content in there. You will notice that you have a drop down arrow next to the send button. Click on Schedule send. Here you can decide when you want that message to go out.


You can choose later that day, another day, or pick a specific day and time. It’s that simple!

If you need to alter the schedule or need to change the message, just go to the word “Scheduled” on your Gmail side-bar and you will see all your scheduled messages.

By clicking on a scheduled message, you can cancel the send and pick another time, or even change the email content. 


Hopefully scheduling will make you a more productive Gmail-er!



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