In my Tech Tips article series on Curation, the most recent installments talk about Gmail and how to organize your Gmail to be a Gmail Ninja. Looking back in the archives Chris Malanga wrote about Gmail shortcuts back in September 2017.


Let’s revisit the idea of shortcuts and look at some of the most useful ones that fit in with the ART of Gmail as outlined in my November 2018 tech tip. Remember you have to turn keyboard shortcuts on in your Gmail settings. See Chris’ tech tip linked here.



A = Archive

The keyboard shortcut for Archive is actually  E  (A is Reply All) You need to be in message view (viewing the details of the message). Press the A key and you will archive the message and be returned to the message list.


R = Respond

The keyboard shortcut for respond (reply) is R no surprises there just hit R while in the message window and a new reply will be created and you can begin typing the message. A will do reply all.


T = ToDo

The keyboard shortcut for adding an item to the ToDo list is Shift + T. You can also drag and drop the message from the message list to the ToDo side panel in Gmail and it will create a new ToDo list item for you.


L = Label

If you are in a message and want to label it just hit  L then start typing the first few letters of the label and it will scroll through the label list. Hit enter to apply the selected label.


C = Compose

Open a new email message to someone. Now that was easy..


/ = Seach

Last but not least hit the slash (under the ?) to jump your cursor to the search box.


I hope these shortcuts are useful to you. Keep up that good work with your email. Did you get to Zero Inbox today? Keep on it and you will succeed.


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