Do you have Microsoft Office files in your Google Drive account? When you click on them to open, it always opens as a preview. Did you ever wonder if you could do anything else with this preview? Well, you can!

Of course, you can print and download the file, but if you are collaborating with other people, you can also comment on the file.

Highlight what text you want to comment on, and then the comment icon will appear off to the side. Comment on the file just like you would do in an actual Google file.

The comments stay on this file. So, if you are sharing this with other people, they will see them too….and they can reply to your comments!

This file can stay as Microsoft in your Drive (and in preview mode,) you can download it as Word, or you can open it in Google. In all of these cases, the comments will come over with it! In other words, if you download it as Word, the comments will be there, and if you open it in Google, the comments will be there.  

This comment feature will also work when you open PDF files in your Drive, along with audio and video files. This is great for collaborating with others, and even leaving yourself notes for a lesson.

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