Adding Weather to the new Google Calendar

This was a quick tip that came in handy with all the bad weather in January. Hopefully, it will help some of you with your planning of events in these winter months when the weather plays a major role, in when to schedule an event.

The old Google Calendar had a setting you could enable to turn on weather for your location.

The new calendar does not have that feature but someone (Asim Akath) posted in Google Groups a workaround.

Go to Google Calendar (Web) and click on + Add Calendar > From URL

Paste the following code into the URL Field

(Modify zip code to use yours)

This is what it looks like on my calendar. In week view (Shortcut W)

The day and list agenda views (D) and (A) give more detail and it goes 10 days into the future.

I hope this helps you plan your events and its nice to see the weather in your calendar when you are trying to plan a trip or event.

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3 thoughts on “Adding Weather to the new Google Calendar

  1. Hi,
    In Canada we have postal (not ZIP) codes in the form of A1A 1A1 (letters other than A too, numbers other than 1 also). Is there any way…?

  2. Hi Michel,

    Sorry I was not able to find a way to make non-US zip codes work with Wundergrounds feed. They have changed the way they code international locations and do not provide any documentation.

  3. Hello, I’ve tried to add this calendar multiple times with all different zipcodes. Nothing shows up. I have 9 other calendars showing on my calendar so it’s not that I haven’t added a calendar before. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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