Adding Images to Sheets Using a Function

In this article, we will explore how to insert an image found on the Internet into a Google Sheet by using a predefined calculation known as a function. One of my favorite functions to use with students is IMAGE.

Google Sheets lends itself to collaboration because of the rows and columns. It keeps information organized. As a teacher, you could share a Google Sheet with edit privileges and ask each student to enter their name and add an image. For example, students could add an image to describe their mood, research project idea… the options are endless.


Students can quickly add Internet images to Google Sheets cells. Follow the below steps:

  1. Search for an image.  I’m writing this article during the deep winter freeze — it’s -28 degrees. Because of this, I’m going to search for something tropical.

  2. When searching for images using Chrome Internet browser, you will want to use TOOLS.

  3. By clicking on TOOLS, an additional row of options will appear. We will be working with USAGE RIGHTS
  4. Click on USAGE RIGHTS. Select LABELED FOR REUSE. This will make sure that the images appearing are not copyrighted.

  5. Once you find the image you want to use, RIGHT-CLICK/CONTROL-CLICK on the image. A shortcut menu will appear.

  6. From the shortcut menu, click on COPY IMAGE ADDRESS.

  7. Navigate to the Google Sheet where you want to paste the copied image address. You may need to open an existing Sheet or create a new Sheet. Click on the cell where you want the image to appear. Enter the following function:

  8. You can further customize the function by the following:
Add Image =image(“paste image URL”)
Image Scaled to Fit Cell =image(“paste image URL”, 1)
Image Stretched to Fit Cell =image(“paste image URL”, 2)
Image Appearing in Normal Size
(You may need to resize column width and row height so that image in its entirety appears)
=image(“paste image URL”, 3)


Click here to view a sample Sheet

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