Chrome: More Than A Browser Quick Tips

Google Chrome is the browser of choice when using all things Google. Here are some tips to help you become a Chrome power user!


  • What? Sign into Chrome using your Google credentials
    • Why? Bookmarks, Apps, & Extensions are saved to account rather than to the device
    • How? Click on the silhouette in the top right corner. Click on Sign in to Chrome. Enter Google email address and password to sync your Google account with the Chrome browser.


  • What? Bookmark a Web Page
    • Why? Saves a Web Page for easy access
    • How? While viewing Web Page you want to save, click on the white star located to the right of the Web address. Star is located in Omnibox. Once the page is saved, the star will become yellow Bookmarks can be accessed from Bookmarks menu item


  • What? Add Favorite Bookmarks to Bookmark Bar
    • Why? When viewable from Bookmark Bar, Bookmarks are even more easily accessible. If I can see it, I will use it!
    • How? While viewing Web Page you want to save, click and drag the page to Bookmark Bar (area directly below Omnibox)


  • What? Bookmark Icon-Only Appear in Bookmark Bar
    • Why? By only showing Web Page icon, there is more room on Bookmark Bar
    • How? Right-click on bookmark saved in Bookmark Bar. Click on Edit. Remove text in Name field. Save changes


  • What? Create folders on Bookmark Bar
    • Why? It is a great way to organize favorite sites by topic or task
    • How? Right-click on Bookmark Bar. Select Add Folder. Enter a name for the folder. Then, click Save. Your folder will now be visible from the Bookmark Bar  


  • What? Pin a tab
    • Why? Pinning a tab removes the ability to close the tab. I use this a lot when presenting or if I am working on specific Sheet or Doc over the course of several days.
    • How? Right-click on the tab you want to pin. Select Pin Tab. If you want to remove the pin, right-click on the pinned tab. Select the Unpin Tab option.   


  • What? Omnibox doubles as a Google Search and Location Bar
    • Why? Saves time and fun!
    • How? Experiment w/ some of the following by entering in Chrome’s Omnibox… Text formatted in red font color can be changed to whatever you want
weather Toledo Ohio tip calculator [complete the form]
weather 96708 books by David Walliams
sunrise NYC set timer for 10 minutes
sunset Juneau southwest 512
restaurants near me 5+5
define mountain convert gallon to liter


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