Looking for an easy way to get your Google Drawing into your Google Doc?  Here it is!


  1.  Create your Google Drawing.

  1. Open your Google Doc and locate where you want to insert your Drawing. Choose the Insert menu → Drawing. Here you can choose the Drawing from Drive or start a new one.

  1. If you are using one already created in Drive (like the above example,) you get asked if you want to link to source. What this means is that if the original image in Drawings gets changed, you can automatically update the one in Docs to match it.


  1. So, if you click link to source, and then you go back to your Drawing and change it, you will have an update button appear in the top corner of your Google Doc. To make the Doc image reflect the changes you just made in Drawings, click the Update button.


There you have it… a simple way to get your Google Drawings in Google Docs.


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