Fabulous Five Chrome Extensions for Students and Teachers Alike

Before exploring some useful Chrome extensions for students, what are extensions?  Extensions are software programs that extend the functionality of your browsing experience. Each user can install extensions to personalize their workspace. This customization allows for each user to create a browsing environment that works best for them.


You can search and install Chrome extensions from the Web Store. To do this, follow the below steps:


Click on the colorful APPS button

Select Web Store

Enter search word. Then, press ENTER/RETURN

A list of options will appear. After reading about the extension, if you want to install it, click on ADD TO CHROME

Some extensions are constantly running/working in the background of your browser. If a shortcut extension button appears to the right of the Omnibox (URL field), you will need to click on the button to engage. For example, if I am unsure of the meaning of a word online, the Google Dictionary extension will provide a definition. First, I will need to highlight the word. Then, click on the Google Dictionary button…


Now that we know what a Chrome extension is and how to install, are you ready to explore my fabulous five?! Let’s go!!


  1. Strict Workflow: Enforces 25 minutes of distraction-free work followed by a 5-minute break. 
  2. Forest: Stay focused, be present: Helps students cultivate time management skills with 30-minute bursts of time dedicated to their online studies.  
  3. Lightshot: Simple screenshot tool that supports edits and allows students the ability to share quickly.   
  4. Bit.ly: Shortens URL. The Chrome extension fully integrates with your Bitly account. 
  5. Memorize!: Helps students learn/memorize given answers to given questions. I especially like to use this for vocabulary or learning a foreign language.

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