New Features added to Google Sites!

The New Google Sites is so slick and easy to use, but some features have been missing.  This tech tip will discuss two new features of the new Google Sites.


Feature #1 – Links in Page Navigation

You can now add links to web pages, photo galleries, drive files, etc and have it show in the page navigation. See picture below – Daily School Schedule looks like a page, but it goes to a Google Doc, and District Calendar looks like a page, but it goes to a calendar page on the District website.

Menu Bar in Google



To add these links to your Google Site, go to the Pages Tab on your Edit Panel. There is a plus sign at the bottom that allows you to create a new page. However, now, along with creating a new page, you can also use this plus sign to add links. These links can go to another website, calendar, photo gallery, etc.

New link button

Once created, this link will automatically be added to your page navigation. To be clear, this is not a page, rather it acts like a page by planting itself in the top or side navigation bar.

New Link screen


Feature #2 – Links in New Tab

In addition to this feature, you can also set any new page or link to open in a new tab. This is a great feature! This helps users accidently closing your site; they would instead just close the page that they were currently on.

Open in new tab

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