Some of you may have noticed that the image options for inserting images in G-Suite has undergone a refresh. When you go to add a picture from the insert menu it now has a sub-menu.

New insert menu

The Photos option is what we are sharing in this tip.

Selecting photos will open a sidebar on the right side of your document which then loads pictures from your google photos. Select a photo and then click the add button to add it to your document.

Photos screen

What I find this really useful for is to put pictures that I have taken with my phone into a presentation or document or even a google drawing.

To make this work you need to have the Google Photos App installed on your phone.

Google Photos link

Once installed it can be setup to sync automatically your pictures from your camera roll to google photos. The only snag is you have to open the google photos app for it to begin the syncing process.

Phone screen

Now you have an easy way to get your photos from your camera to your G-Suite documents!

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