Google’s ​Applied Digital Skills Curriculum

Google has continued their innovation in the education space with a new offering for teachers, students and adult learners that teaches computer literacy using the Google tools. The best news about this program is that it is free!

You start by going to You will need to sign-in using your school Google account.

Applied Digital Skills

Choose if you are a Learner or an Instructor

Learner or instructor?

Once logged in you will find the interface is similar to Google Classroom. There are three sections My Classes, Curriculum and Help.

Classes Screen


You can create classes just like in Classroom and invite your students to join with a class code.

There is even a handy printable getting started guide for the first day.

The Curriculum session lists all the lessons available to students. A typical lesson will have several activities and may take several hours to complete.

Start Learning screen

Check out the different activities and see if this might be a fit for your classroom.

If you are interested in a one day workshop to learn how to teach with this tool, you are encouraged to register for a workshop. There will be three held in Ohio this spring.


The workshops are free and will be presented by Google Guru,  Eric Curts

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