Do you save everything in Google Drive, but when trying to locate it, you can’t find it?  You probably use the search feature of Drive, but you may not be familiar with the Advanced Search in Drive.

To find a file in your Google Drive, click on the search bar at the top of your page.

Search Google Drive

You can type in any keyword here and even specify the file type.

If this gives you too much to search through, you can do a more advanced search. Click on the drop down arrow on the side of Search Drive and the advanced search will open up.

Search Drop Down

One highlight of this Advanced Search includes specifying a location to search. Instead of searching through all of Google Drive, you can specify a certain folder that you want to search through to find your file.

Search by folder

Location: Anywhere is the default, so it will search all of your Drive unless you change it to a certain folder.  Click on My Drive to locate a specific folder to search.

Another favorite is to search for a file that Has the Words. If you are unsure of where you saved this file or what the exact name is, you can type in words that are in the file, and Google can search that way, too.

Search by word

Google is known for its searches. Take advantage of these features to make your life easier!

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