Using Google Slides Pear Deck Add-on

You may have experimented with the web-based application, Pear Deck, that allows teachers to create interactive slide shows that are displayed on student devices. With the new Pear Deck Google Slides Add-on, you can incorporate formative assessments and interactive questions without leaving the Google Slides app. The Pear Deck add-on makes it easy to add lesson warm-ups, reflections and exit tickets, text response prompts, drawings, and many more!

While working in Google Slides, you will now notice the Add-ons menu option. To add the Pear Deck add-on, click on Add-ons ⇒ Get Add-ons ⇒ Search for Pear Deck

Once you are ready to present Slides to class, you will want to return to the Add-ons menu and select Present with Pear Deck.

Your slides will be converted to the Pear Deck format. You will want to make sure your Slides are viewable from a projection device. Students will need to open a browser window and visit This address along with a join code will appear on the teacher’s screen and will be projected for the students to see. You will use Pear Deck’s toolbar at the bottom of the screen to run your Slide show.

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