Cue a YouTube Video to Begin at a Specific Time

When sharing a Youtube video, you may want your students to begin watching the clip at a specific starting point. This will save your students from having to watch irrelevant content like advertisements and it saves precious time!

To accomplish this, follow the below steps:

While viewing a Youtube video, pause clip to where you want students to begin watching

YouTube Screenshot

Click on the SHARE button below video

YouTube Share Button

The SHARE screen appears

YouTube URL

Click on START AT. You will notice that the video URL changes. Then, click on COPY to copy the link to your clipboard

Share URL

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One thought on “Cue a YouTube Video to Begin at a Specific Time

  1. Thank You. I am creating a New Googles Sites for my local church and always looking of new ideas. This is a
    good one. I would like to embed videos like on occasion.
    And if there is a advertisement, that would be great to bypass it.

    Sorry I can’t provide link to the website because we going through testing first.

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