Relax: You’re in Complete Control!

Well, you may not rule the world but you are in absolute control of the content in your Google account. You can copy the content in your account to use elsewhere or use the archive tool as a simple backup. This works great if you want to backup your YouTube videos or a specific folder in g Drive.

To accomplish this, follow the below instructions:


From the Personal Info & Privacy area, click on CONTROL YOUR CONTENT

Personal info and privacy screen



Create archive screen


The next screen allows you to select what data you want to include. By default, all options are selected. If you want to archive one specific folder in gDrive and/or YouTube files, it is easiest to click on the SELECT NONE button.

Select data


After clicking on the SELECT NONE button, you will need to select which ones to include in archive by clicking on the white square next to the X. The green square with a white checkmark indicates that this data will be included in archive.

Choosing what to backup


If you select Drive, you will have the option to indicate what folder(s) to include. To accomplish this, click on the ARROW to the left of the checkmark.

Checking an option


The Files and Folders screen will appear. You will be able to choose which folders to select. By default, all folders will be selected. Click on the checkmark to deselect. Then, click on the DONE button.

Files and folders screen


You have the option to select what file types to include.

Choose file formats


After selecting the data you want to include, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the NEXT button.From the next screen, you can customize the archive format. After making your selections, click on the CREATE ARCHIVE button.

Create archive


Preparing archive. You will receive an email message when your download is available.

Preparing archive screen


Once your data is downloaded, you will be able to open the Takeout folder and move/use data.

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