OK so now I have your attention! If we re-arrange the words a bit “I want to take a shot of my screen” aah yes screen shots but what are they good for?

Many websites while allowing students to do drill and practice and take quizzes, they lack the ability to save or record scores or results. Have the students take a screenshot of their results and submit via google classroom as an attached image.

Screenshots are a way of capturing a picture of your screen, be it your chromebook, a desktop computer or even your cell phone. The secret to unlocking this feature is to know the magic key combinations or button presses for your particular device. There are two types of screenshots.

  1. A screenshot of the whole screen.
  2. A screenshot of just a selected portion of the screen (drag mouse to select the portion you want)
  • Windows – The old standby is Alt + PrnScn which copies the entire screen to the clipboard. You can then paste it into your favorite editor to save as an image file.
  • Windows 7 and above – Included in your list of apps is one called the Snipping Tool. Add a shortcut to your toolbar and when invoked this app lets you take a screen shot of part or all of the screen. You can then save it as an image file.
  • MacOSX has keyboard shortcuts:
    • CTRL + Shift + 3 takes a picture of the whole screen and saves the file to your desktop.
    • CTRL + Shift + 4 gives you a cross hair that allows you to select a part of the screen as a rectangle. The resulting file is saved to your desktop.
    • CTRL + Command + Shift + 3 copies the whole screen to your clipboard.
    • CTRL + Command + Shift + 4 gives you a cross hair and copies the selection to the clipboard.
  • iOS – Pressing and holding the home and sleep/wake buttons simultaneously will save a screenshot of your screen to your camera roll.
  • Android version 4 and above – Hold down the volume down and power buttons for one second and a screenshot will be saved to your gallery.
  • ChromeOS – The chromebook has keyboard shortcuts both use the window switcher button which looks like two squares overlapping and is above the number 6 on the keyboard.
    • CTRL + Window Switcher saves the whole screen
    • CTRL + Shift + Window Switcher gives you a cross hair and saves part of the screen
    • Both methods save a file to the downloads folder which is named for the date and time of the screenshot.
Once you have your screenshot saved it can be attached to an assignment in Google Classroom using the Upload File option in the Add menu. (some students may have screenshots saved directly to their drive – they would use the Google Drive option)
Teachers can now view each of the screenshots from their assignment screen and give grades if desired.
So now when you find that cool website that your students can use to practice skills or use their creativity, you have a way for them to save them and submit them easily using screenshots and Google Classroom.

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